Competition Brief

In light of the vigorous direction of bringing the world together in one location, the competition calls for interior design ideas for each of Capital 21’s 5 floors:


Each floor must showcase at least 6 iconic cities in the design to represent that continent, bringing to life the cities’ unique identities. With retail/shopping as the key focus, the design should highlight cultural and lifestyle characteristics that symbolise the cities and/or the spirit of the cities, such as festivals or festivities, landmarks, activities, etc.

This includes but is not limited to the use of materials, finishes, furnishing, icons/images, and stylistic choices.

This competition is open to licensed Architects and professional Interior Designers in their jurisdictions worldwide.

Each participant may submit design ideas for 1 or more floors, whereupon they must be translatable into actual schemes.

M&E drawings, floor and roof plans, elevations and sections of all the floors open for the competition can be downloaded via these links here and here. Entrants can also download these files in their Entrant's page upon successful registration and login.


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