Jurors Comments

Floor Jurors Comments

Middle East/

Kuldej Sinthawanarong Something new and daring. Brave to give people new idea of the Middle East. Strong solid belief in architectural form and it paid off.
Elim Chew This design is about being different. It may not be a straightforward design but it makes people think how different spaces can give a different retail/shopping feel. 
Craig Menzies We thought this design is interesting and different; the models would need to represent each Middle East or African city.
Martin Duplantier Strong identity in the mall, the project forecasts innovative and readable common spaces. Sculptural elements (columns) and showcase balastrades organise the overall space. Physical models of the Middle East buildings are integrated in the balastrades, whereas the columns give an iconic atmostphere to this floor. Shopfronts are all in black, giving the brands the opportunity to be visible. False ceiling and floor will develop a very coherent identity.
Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz Maybe the most creative and unique project of this competition, this work shows in a metaphorical way the Middle East atmosphere. The columns are controversial but this will be a refreshing floor in the whole mall. In the end, the idea of the models is also very unique.
Thomas Chung Creative and innovative design idea. Iconic elements of twisting columns and balcony balastrades with architectural icons of area. Clean, open environment; flexible space for retailers to adapt. Great potential for a different experience.