Jurors Comments

Floor Jurors Comments


Kuldej Sinthawanarong Exceptional presentation of minimalistic/abstraction of Europe. Vibrant interpretation of modern cities in design. Great layout plan.
Elim Chew Touch of floral design for the ceiling and surrounding gives a soft touch of fashion and yet caters to the ambience. Gives a comfortable experience of shopping on this floor. 
Craig Menzies We like the idea of the changing ceiling design idea throughout the floor--icons of Europe such as Gaudi's Guell in Barcelona, Spain, to the historical European fresco ceilings of Rome, Italy. Cleverly illustrated on barrisol ceiling panels.
Martin Duplantier Elegant and refined project. Feasible (translatability and financially). Uses recycled materials. Diversified.
Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz The extensive research of European elements to show them in an abstract way is the force of this project. The work in the ceiling is quite good and creative. The preoccupation with signage is also unique and it is what makes this a winner.
Thomas Chung Creative on many levels and aspects. Ceiling design fun and colourful. Feature installations well thought-out. Typical storefront details neutral to provide contrast to special feature areas and ceiling.