Jurors Comments

Floor Jurors Comments


Kuldej Sinthawanarong Clear understanding of modern Asia and design heritage. Captured impressive Asian lifestyles. Great approach for features/small details incorporated into the theme.
Elim Chew This floor sets the pace for the rise of fashion in Asia. Japan, India, China, Thailand and Korea lead the trends in Asia--this sets the excitement of where Asia will be and can be.
Craig Menzies We were attracted to the clever way Asia was interpreted, more creatively than simple reimagining of each country/city like on other floors. The folded origami birds to the prayer flags on wishing wheel cleverly illustrate the concept. Traditional Chinese dynasty architecture lets one know one is on the Asia floor. For Japan zone, the concept of origami bird sculptures in mass with the red traditional gate workd well, bamboo and rice paper street facades and screens of Kyoto to the iconic Raj temple details of india and the flags of Kathmandu, Nepal. They remain true to the Asian iconic elements.
Martin Duplantier Elegant project with nice diversity. Yin and yang as two contrasted worlds.
Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz The countries are well represented in this project that show beautiful images related to the culture of each part of Asia. The project is for sure the best proposal for Asia.
Thomas Chung Clear design theme, popular and easy to understand, yet very elegant visuals. Tasteful renderings. The theme relates to the design and also relate these attributes of yin/yang; hard/soft; strong/weak to materials, light touch elements, architectural materials, and its focus on timber. Elegant yet 'buildable'; with a strong character yet flexible.