Jurors Comments

Floor Jurors Comments
America Kuldej Sinthawanarong Execution of American cultures done well from inception to design development. Clear and easy understanding for consumer targets in terms of retail design. Good story telling transferred into the design.
Elim Chew Design is clear and definitive of the cities of America. One can feel that shopping in these cities is exciting in Capital 21.
Craig Menzies The design captures the idea of different areas in America; from New York cityscapes to Las Vegas strip through to Route 66 in Texas.
Martin Duplantier Nice project; taking American themes with a contemporary approach.
Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz The winner shows a very good understanding of the American cities, icons, materials and scenes. As if the scenes were taken directly from a movie, the project gave us beautiful images of what this floor will be in the future.
Thomas Chung Good concept focusing on contemporary popular cultures and lifestyles, in particular with movies as the main theme and city subway. Consideration for the disabled and green wall. Very good visualisation of the six cities/featured areas.